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Our Company
Ecolindo Pte Ltd specializes bringing new products to the market.

Our Management Team
The company is formed by a team of medium to senior sales management executives from a renowned multinational manufacturing and marketing company.
In addition to their tertiary and university academic qualification, they have all worked in the same trade and area of market from 5 to 20 years.

Our Expertise

Electronics Consumer Products
We are experience bringing in new products to the market. Identifying new market for growth.

About AEE Magic Cam

"Specialization, Scientific and Technological innovation; Standardization, Sutainable Development” is our managerial notion we persist in. "Providing innovative technological products to boost enterprise value in order to return on the shareholders and any partners" is our enterprise purposes. By reaching customers’ high requirement with our advance technology and high quality products and services, we strive to be the strongest ace enterprise.

With 10 years of R&D and sales network construction, AEE has been selected as "Shenzhen Renowned Brands" in 2011 and our magicam products have been chose as high-ranking receipting presents by Shenzhen government. CTV channels ( CCTV -1) News Feeds,International Channel (CCTV -4 ) International News,CCTV - news channel, Economic Channel (CCTV -2 ) Financial News have made the comprehensive reports about AEE’s leading position in those brands which are made in china or innovated in China.

AEE have established a stable and long-term cooperative relationship with Customers of the most powerful at home and abroad. Major international brands such as Decathlon and Rollei also have established a stable and long-term cooperative relationship with us. Our products sell to large chain of retail outlets of Europe and North America such as Best Buy, Fry’s, Carrefour, Costco, MediaMarkt, Sam’s club, RadioShack, Dicksmith, Saturn, Auchan and Clas Ohlson. In home market, AEE has established a stable and long-term cooperative relationship with Major 3C stores such as GOME,Shundian.Suning,Five star and Yike. We have enter into the Professional sales channel such as national outdoor sports chains, bicycle chains and automobile chains. Police recording equipment products are widely provided to Occident and domestic police units. Moreover, we have the world’s biggest gun factory Smith and Wesson of and the Non-lethal weapons tycoon Taser as our clients. Police recording equipment products are widely equipped in law enforcement agencies such as public security, national security, armed police, the judiciary , the traffic police , traffic control , special police , counter-terrorism , Technical Investigation and the Fire of provinces and municipalities.

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